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Fairfield’s Auction

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Book Description:

On a cold winter evening in the small mountain town of Witherston, Georgia, antique dealer Hempton Fairfield auctions off rare Cherokee artifacts, Appalachian antiques, and a young African Grey parrot. Late that night, a blizzard stops traffic for a three-mile stretch of the Witherston Highway, prohibiting anyone’s arrival or departure and stranding an eighteen-wheel semi full of chickens. The next morning two bodies are discovered in the snow, the chickens are running free, and the parrot is missing, leaving a number of unanswered questions. What happened? Where’s the parrot? How did the chickens escape the stranded truck? Who rightfully owns the remnants of the thousand-year-old Cherokee civilization? Who killed the two men? And, most importantly, how many more bodies will turn up before the killer is caught?


Listen to our previous interview with Betty Jean by clicking here.

Betty Jean Craige

BJ Craige and Cosmo

Dr. Betty Jean Craige has published books in the fields of Spanish poetry, modern literature, history of ideas, politics, ecology, and art.  She is a scholar, a translator, a teacher, and a novelist. http://www.bettyjeancraige.com/


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Antarctic Odyssey: A New Beginning

Antarctic Odyssey: A New Beginning


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Gabriella is offering listeners a 50% discount on her ebook when they send her a request.  She will send them a coupon they can use to dowload the book at half price!

In this riveting book you get what it promises you in the title.

This is Gabriella’s story, a story of a woman who wanted to be reborn. 

Antarctic Odyssey – A New Beginning is written by Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel, also known as “The Flying Witch” due to her wit and passion for flying, she is an Italian linguist who started working in Italy as a tour leader, interpreter and then moved to UK in 1998.


GG 8 b

Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel is an author, speaker, visionary and feminine cycle consultant who helps women gain confidence, authority and fulfillment in life by knowing better their body. 

She helps women to make their feminine cycle their best friend, couples improve their relationship, find a more satisfying way to communicate and have better intimacy.

Gabriella was born in Italy and studied foreign languages at the University of Turin, her home city.

She is a qualified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has travelled around Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Antarctica.   

In 2012 she published a book, ‘Antarctic Odyssey: a New Beginning’, about her adventures there.

At present she is learning to fly gliders in order to gain a different perspective on the world  and become a real ‘Flying Inspiration’!

Learn more at http://www.flyinginspiration.co.uk.

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Exploring Alzheimer’s Through Poetry – Blue River Apple

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Book Description:

Confirmation that I was to follow in my father’s footsteps jarred me in ways I never imagined. Since hearing the news, I awaken between 3 and 5 in the morning. Zero dark thirty is when my eyes fly open and I’m full-on aware. The words that normally tumble off my tongue now flow feverishly by pencil over a yellow-lined pad—as though I am possessed. And I write. Poetry. It is through my stepping up, speaking out, and sharing my own very personal thoughts and feelings that will emancipate the stigma attached to the growing numbers of those of us relegated to a diminishing memory. It gives purpose to feelings of less than and bolsters a roguish stubborn ruggedness in me for a worthwhile fight—to maintain dignity, honor and respect.


Nancy Nelson is one of twelve advocates speaking on behalf of the Nat’l Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Group recruiting, mobilizing and activating people across the nation to advance Alzheimer’s awareness and make it a priority for our nation through legislation at the federal and state levels.  Recently diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, she wrote Blue. River. Apple., which is a beautiful book of poetry exploring Alzheimer’s.

Learn more at http://www.blueriverapple.com.


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The Sky Buries All Sorrow


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Book Description:

In the spring of 1941, nineteen-year-old John Cooper asks sixteen-year-old Nora Warden to marry him. After she instructs him to “grow up first,” he joins the Army Air Corps. Stationed at Hickam Field, the air base adjacent to Pearl Harbor, John survives the devastation of December 7. The aftermath of the attack only begins his odyssey through the South Pacific, four years that burden him with guilt and shame. Returning home a wearied man, John seeks to start a family with Nora, but the young couple confronts hardships intensified by the harrowing memories both carry from their pasts. Amid the unrest of the Cold War and John’s worries about the arms race, he and Nora find solace in raising their daughter, Cassie. But it is not until the impact of September 11 leaves John’s grandson, Johnny DeRosa, overrun with anguish and despair that John fully comprehends how the sacrifices of his generation will have a profound influence on the decisions his grandson makes.

The Sky Buries All Sorrow is a riveting, momentous novel that bridges Pearl Harbor with 9/11 and examines how those two tragic events changed the world and shaped the lives of one family over three generations. From the pivotal battles in the Pacific to the homesteads outside of Pittsburgh and from the beaches of Southern California to the desert terrain of the Nevada Test Site, it is an unforgettable family saga and an intimate story of personal struggle and the challenges of enduring love. In the same vivid fashion as his first novel, The Ramos Brothers Trust Castro and Kennedy, Roger DeBlanck’s new epic explores the lives of an array of fascinating characters. The narrative also brings back Juan and Alberto Ramos, as the brothers and their father, Florencio, make appearances in The Sky Buries All Sorrow.

Headshot Photo

Roger DeBlanck is the author of two novels, The Ramos Brothers Trust Castro and Kennedy and The Sky Buries All Sorrow, and a book of poetry, Empire of the Mind. He has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in Information Science. He works as a librarian in a large public library in Las Vegas, Nevada. He and his wife live in Henderson, Nevada. Roger is currently working on his next novel.

Learn more at www.rogerdeblanck.com.


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Fifty Over Fifty: Wise and Wild Women Leading Wonderful Lives

50 Over 50_ Wise and Wild Women Creating Wonderful Lives (And You Can Too!) - Dr. Susan R. Meyer (1)Click here to get your copy!

Book Description:

Release your wise, wild and wonderful self! This unique guide, drawn from the life stories of fifty women, shows you how. The Fifty come from all walks of life, from Fortune 100 executives to entrepreneurs, to a home health aide, and a retired sales representative. Collectively, they have faced job loss, career/family stress, divorce, terminal illness, and widowhood. Thought-provoking questions for reflection and exercises throughout will get you moving forward in your own journey.

Business and Executive Portraits in Santa Barbara

Dr. Meyer believes that your life should be exciting, engaging and challenging and joyous and that together we can make that a reality. As a Life Architect, she has more than thirty years of experience working with women who feel stuck in their careers and lives and can’t see a clear way to move on. She is a certified coach with a doctorate in Adult Learning and Leadership and Masters degrees in Psychology and Counseling. Her workshop, Living For Today and Tomorrow was featured in The New York Times. She is the author of several books, including Fifty Over Fifty: Wise and Wild Women Leading Wonderful Lives (And You Can Too!), The Life Design Blueprint Playbook and, most recently, Z-A-P Your Obstacles – Create Your Success.

Learn more at http://www.susanrmeyer.com.



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Lord Have Murphy

Lord Have Murphy

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Book Description:

“When will Buddha bring the ice cream? I’d like the Instant Enlightenment Sundae, please, with no nuts. And could I have it to go?” —Murphy

We hear a lot these days about mindfulness. “Weapons of mass instruction are proliferating.” How to clear the air? To trust what’s in us and that we’re finding our way to it. With unrelenting humor, Murphy gives it a try, only to discover in himself an extraordinary truth: that contact with the finer energy animating us awakens us to a completely different level of being alive.

With over 40 wonderful drawings by Bruce M. Sherman, and Murphy’s satirical comments that make us laugh out loud, the book appeals to both of our natures, the everyday and the higher. For Murphy the daily ups and downs become the necessary reminders to awaken, and “we don’t have to be a certain way to wake up.” All that we need is already in us, hidden from our usual mind. “Nothing about me needs to change except where the attention is.”

Is being self-aware the same as being awake? Can we think or behave our way to a higher level? Surely “transformation” must mean more than “transitory information about how to cope as a cheerier me.” Is there “an Intelligence in me that bypasses thought”?

Along with these questions, Murphy explores, with great fun: travels in the state of Identification; “everything in self-help but The Self?”; the four levels of spiritual writing (“From,” “About,” “Spinach,” and “Criminal”); the Leaky Boat School of Self-Perfecting; beliefs (“the Big Addiction”) and ownership (“the Big Trap”); plus, best-selling real estate guides for the mindful includingChange Your Dome, Change Your Life.

Here is “a look beneath the golden robes of the spiritually well-endowed.” In the face of it all, whatever the hitch, Murphy always says, “But I can work with that”—an endearing attitude—and for him, Attention is the teacher. Sensitivity to the subtle energy can take us from self-awareness across the threshold to awakening. Is it possible now to embody the higher energy and let it come into life on earth?


Fran shaw

Fran Shaw, Ph.D. is a longtime practitioner in a spiritual discipline. She is a university professor and an award-winning author whose books (read more at FranShawBooks) include Notes on The Next Attention, Writing My Yoga: Poems for Presence, 50 Ways to Help You Write, and the new #1 amazon bestseller, Lord Have Murphy: Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace.

Learn more at http://www.franshawbooks.com.

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Shelter Me: When Friendship is All That Remains

Shelter Me


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Book Description:

SHELTER ME intertwines the tribulations of young versus old, love verses dependency, good losses versus bad when two women are thrown into a friendship by events beyond their control. They teach each other to empower their own lives, leave the past behind and embrace their own new future. This novel explores polar-opposite traumas: widowhood, and spousal abuse – topics often explored singularly. Here the author tells of her characters’ pain and grief and how they help each other onto the road to a stable life. Shelter Me should be required reading for all professionals who work with victims of domestic violence and their families. It will serve as an inspiration to those who suffer from such violence as well. Ethan S. Rofman, M.D. Associate Professor of Psychiatry Boston University School of Medicine “Shelter Me” is a riveting and honest account for women everywhere who have gone through the hell of domestic violence. Paula Darois-Verlicco, LPN

Judy picture 9-2


Between 2011-2014 Judy Shine Logan published five short stories and finished a novel called Shelter Me (published by Ink and Quill Publication – Henderson, NV).  Shelter Me is the story of two women in crisis: a recently widowed executive’s wife, who must get her first job at 55 with no job skills, and the young, battered wife and mother, who becomes the widow’s work supervisor.  Having worked in the department of psychiatry for a community hospital, Judy witnessed the horror and cruelty perpetrated on battered women and children by their domestic partners, who supposedly loved them.  Writing Shelter Me was her way of exorcising those demons and potentially reaching victims of domestic violence to help them find a way out.  When she become a widow, she wondered why the two polarities of love (a good love lost and a bad love-trap) could not empower and enact recovery for the other, and although these women’s stories are vastly different, the feelings of loss and grief are not.  

Learn more at http://www.judyshinelogan.com.

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Of Knight and Devil




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Book Description:

It is 2110 and migration to the colony planet, Alethea, has depleted Earth of billions of people. As a result, migration has been declared illegal by all world governments. Human trafficking becomes highly profitable for organized crime and their influence reaches beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Many starships returning from Alethea are diverted from the scrapping process and secretly refurbished, allowing the population to shrink further. Frank Campanelli is a blind Chicago Police detective who depends on his fully functional bio-electronic implants to see and do his job. After assisting on a botched infiltration of a top human trafficking network, he and his partner, Marcus Williams, are transferred into the CPD’s Organized Crime Division to head the newly formed Sentinel group and bring down the Ignatola family business.


Frederick was born in Chicago in 1970 and now lives in Villa Park, Illinois with his wife, Rae and their three dachshunds.

In 2010, Frederick’s first novel, The Dregs of Exodus, was published. This was followed up with, The Pirates of Exodus in 2012.

Throughout 2013, he continued writing and published four short stories for Kindle.

In 2014, Solstice Publishing picked up his third novel, Campanelli: Sentinel. The novella, Minuteman Merlin was published in March, 2015.

In April, he became an editor for Solstice Publishing and is a columnist for “All Authors Magazine”.

Novel #4, Of Knight & Devil is set to launch in August, 2015.

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Tales From the Family Crypt

Debby book


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What if your true story is more bizarre than fiction? This intriguing narrative nonfiction memoir reads like a compelling novel. Deborah Carroll and her husband Ned want to do what it takes to care for their aging parents and help them face death peacefully. Their difficult, dysfunctional, and despicable siblings want something else. They want to grab money and power. They are controlling people in situations beyond their control.

These siblings will stop at nothing to accomplish their missions. They will lie and cheat, they will take advantage of the dying; they will even break the law.

Ultimately it’s a love story that twists and turns with humor and insight about what makes or breaks the bonds of family. Deborah and her husband are compassionate people. They thought they had happy childhoods in normal families. They could not have predicted how low their adult siblings would go to get what they wanted. The death of aging parents can challenge even good families. In troubled families with any type of family rift, disputes over eldercare and inheritances can be astronomically distressing.

Thanks to a deep and abiding love and a resolute determination to do the right thing, Ned and Deborah are able to transcend the challenges and go on to live a wonderful life. A great read for anyone with a family.



Deborah Carroll is a former educator, the author of the practical parenting book, Raising Amazing Children (Amazon  http://amzn.com/B0077F8ZTE), and numerous educational publications for newspapers, as well as several young reader serials. When she’s not writing she can be found running (often behind her grandson), reading, talking to one of her three daughters, or laughing with her husband. Her most recent work is the narrative nonfiction, “Tales From the Family Crypt: When Aging Parents Die, Sibling Rivalry Lives. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TWMKAIO

Get advice from Debby here: talesfromthefamilycrypt.wordpress.com.

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Darkspeed Arydani



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The E.I.E.V. Arydani, the largest and most advanced starship ever constructed by human hands, launched from the planet Themis to embark on a great mission of interstellar exploration called The Grand Tour.  The Arydani was lost with all hands during her maiden voyage…vanished without a trace.
That was over three hundred years ago.  Since that time, the Arydani has appeared and reappeared randomly throughout the Alliance territories like a ghost ship…an interstellar Flying Dutchman.
Now, on a routine run, the crew of the deep space cargo/salvage starship Brysen makes a discovery that could very well solve the mystery of the Arydani once and for all…or the three-century-old derelict of the spacelanes and the dreadful secrets it contains will claim yet another collection of victims.


Cory Williams – Author and Performing Artist

Connect with Cory on Facebook.

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cory attended the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA), enrolling in the school’s first year hen it was a fledgling program, where he majored in Creative Writing and minored in Videodrama, becoming an award-winning director of video projects. In addition, he was a founder, writer, and cartoonist for CAPA’s newspaper THE PAINTED WORD, for which he eventually became editor-in-chief. Listed in WHO’S WHO AMONG AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS and commended by the National Honors Society, he graduated with CAPA’s second graduating class in 1981.

Attending STANFORD UNIVERSITY in Stanford, California, where he majored in Drama and minored in Dance, Cory performed in an average of five to six major productions per year. He taught art to autistic, learning-disabled, and educable mentally retarded children at the Peninsula Children’s Center in Menlo Park, California, was active in the Stanford University Rape Awareness Program, occasionally wrote for THE STANFORD DAILY, and toured for two years with the BALLET FOLKLORICO DE STANFORD MEXICAN FOLKDANCE COMPANY. He received a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Drama in 1986.

As a performing artist, Cory has performed in dance productions, touring shows, and Off-Broadway productions of ANTIGONE, THE TRIAL OF SUSAN B. ANTHONY, WE HAVE STORIES TO TELL OF AFRICA, FRATERNITY, NOTES ON 6FINITY, THE AMEN CORNER, and A FEW HOURS IN HELL, making his West Coast theatrical debut as the Duke of Cornwall in KING LEAR with the Pasadena Shakespeare Company in Pasadena, California, following that up as a member of the ensemble cast of the Fountain Theatre/BAND critically-acclaimed production of Rita Dove’s THE DARKER FACE OF THE EARTH, then continuing on to the West Coast premiere of the VoxBox Arts Collective original production of JIGSAW. In addition, Cory has acted in various commercials, industrial films and videos, television shows, and feature films such as WHO SHOT PAT?, PHILADELPHIA, LET’S TALK, THE C-SHIFT, REFLECTIONS AGO, RED HERRING, FIGHTING WORDS, A DAY OF ATONEMENT and STRAIGHT ON ‘TIL MORNING.

Cory is also the author of four science fiction novels, TOTENTANZ, THE TAKING OF CYNDRIEL’S HOPE, HUNTER’S MOON and DARKSPEED ARYDANI, all of which are currently available through the online content marketplace http://www.lulu.com.

Cory Williams is currently living and working in Los Angeles, California.

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