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5 Stars

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Gen Ryan

Romance and serial killers have never met more seamlessly than in Gen Ryan’s Beautiful Masterpiece. We are treated to a love triangle between three characters that unfolds against the background of gruesome murder, fractured childhoods, and tuggings of the heart. Madison Walsh is a strong, smart heroine that draws us into a story where her serial killer father is on the hunt for her and those closest to her.

There are some intriguing characters in both Madison, and the FBI agent Liam and Scott, and overall Ryan has provided us with characters whose background stories are as twisted as the budding romances and fast paced plot. This is a welcome change for romance readers who care about literature and a well-structured story.  The book is peppered with explosive romance scenes which are varied enough in their intensity to ensure that there is a little something for everyone. Being a book for mature audiences, there are descriptions of domestic abuse and sexual torture which may not sit well with all readers. That being said the novel is easy to read, and the fast paced action makes it a page turner.

The only problem with the book is that urgency of a serial killer on the loose is not keenly felt. Madison does not seem scared nor does her fathers’ stalking presence appear to lower her libido. Her constant craving for Scott seems unrealistic at times. However, the second half of the book makes up for this in its action and nail-biting interactions between the killer Walsh and the trio of characters that you come to care for deeply.

Beautiful Masterpiece is a story that puts a strong heroine in the spotlight. It is refreshing to see characters with motivation in a romance novel that could have been very cliched and one dimensional.  The romance is hot, and you won’t find a romance novel that weaves the genres of thriller and romance quite like Beautiful Masterpiece.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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