Axel America and the U.S. Election Race

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Axel America and the U.S. Election Race

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Book Description:

Is it 1776, or 1984? No, it’s 2016 – though Axel isn’t sure.

Axel single-handedly runs Truth Live, a patriotic freedom-loving news site with a cult following. His obsession with the New World Order tests his relationship with his family, and in election year, those bonds are about to snap.

Rump is a major shareholder of Faux News, a multi-billionaire and possible future President. His name is known in every city and he has the CIA on retainer. However, his corporate machinations are under threat from Axel , who soon discovers the dark forces he’s been warning about are coming for him.

Set against the 2016 American election, this is the hilarious tale of a conspiracy theorist leading his family down the Illuminati rabbit hole, two children pushed to breaking point, and a corporate network versus a man of the people, stopping at nothing for total domination.


With the recent interest in Donald Trump’s audacious run for the U.S. Presidential election, Axel America exposes awareness on the hypothesis that perhaps elections worldwide are not as free as advertised, and perhaps serves a global agenda, rather than nationalised participants. This is a hot topic that has many citizens worldwide watching with baited breath, their hands close to their hearts, and concerns.

Andy Luke

Andy Luke was born in Belfast in 1973. His short stories ‘Absence’ and ‘Flesh Mob’ have both won awards. ‘Brand of Britain’ was featured in twice Eisner Award nominated ‘To End All Wars’. Luke also hosted and co-produced NV TV’s ‘Invisible Artist documentary’, and has written for BBC’s Newsjack comedy show. 


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