Breakthrough Writer’s Block with These Two Easy Tricks

Sometimes every one of us that writes comes across those moments when we feel stumped.  Our writing isn’t flowing as smoothly and easily as it normally does.  Have you ever wondered why that is?  Perhaps, it stems from stagnation…and you just need to open the gate again so that new ideas can flow.  You need to find a way to breakthrough your writer’s block!

On this pre-launch episode, we share a couple of really great tips.  They are quick and easy and are ones that we use often if we feel stuck.


So, get a pen and paper, a timer (or use a stopwatch – perhaps on your phone), and turn on your favorite music.  It is really that simple.


Now listen to this episode as we share just how we use those above items 🙂


Getting ready for the official launch of Authors Talk About It on February 1st!


Then, we will bring you guest interviews 7 days a week!
Happy writing and ready,
Janelle + Rob
Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D.
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Should You Self Publish or Find a Traditional Publisher?


In today’s world, the traditional way to get your book published is changing.  Finding a publishing house that will accept your book is not an easy task.  In fact, the idea of sending tons and tons of copies of your manuscript to a slew of publishers with the hopes that one will accept it is quickly fading away.  Before you know it that will not be considered the traditional way to get your book published.

More and more authors are self-publishing.  The big six (now the big five) – Penguin-Random House, Macmillan, Harper Collins, Hachette and Simon + Schuster – are not as enticing to some as they once were.  Indie authors (those who self publish) maintain more control when they publish their books themselves.  Nowadays, it is much easier to do that with CreateSpace (Amazon), Lulu, iTunes, Smashwords and more.

We dive into this topic more in this episode.  So, check it out 🙂

Love to self-publish,

Janelle + Rob

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Inspiring Couples In Business and In Love

We share with you an interview of ourselves – LOL.  But, really it is just to give you a teaser of what guests might talk about.  It is more than just talking about the content of their book.  It is about the why behind writing it.  Sometimes, we may think it is obvious why someone wrote a book, but that it is not always the case.

Our book, Inspiring Couples In Business and In Love, was released this past summer.  We shared 23 couples’ stories about being business partners as well as romantic partners. There were a number of common themes that ran through the couples including us, but there were a good deal of amazing differences too.

If you are in a committed relationship, then you ARE in business together and this book is a must with all the words of wisdom our amazing couples shared with us for you.  The couples range from down home mom-and-pop business owners to world renowned experts in their field to the CEOs of multi-million dollar corporations.


Click here to pick up your copy.

Honoring you,

Janelle + Rob

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Authors Talk About It – What is this new podcast all about?

We share just a bit of what our initial intent is for this new podcast.  How exciting!  As we interview authors we are jumping up and down and vibrating with excitement because we see how freaking cool this is going to be for you!

Discover authors new-to-you or learn about new books coming out from authors you already like.  Our guests range from first time authors to internationally renowned authors with numerous books in print and/or digital format.  Many of our upcoming guests have been seen, heard or featured on/in CNN, ABC, Oprah, NBC, CBS, Hay House Radio, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Ladies Journal, Huffington Post, and in many, many more places. Some authors have their own national television shows or in the preparatory stages of launching one.  Many of our guests give workshops or seminars around the topic of their book.

This is going to be a must hear podcast!  Make sure you jump over to iTunes and subscribe or follow online here.



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Launching February 1st – Authors Talk About It Podcast

Authors Talk About It podcast is going to be super amazing.  We have already begun recording interviews with authors.  Their why, their insight, their stories, and their tips are inspiring and amazing.  We can hardly wait to share them with you.  The wide range of genres and authors is so wonderful.  There are going to be novels, memoirs, self-help books and more.

Authors Talk About It

In the meantime, we are sharing a handful of episodes just to get you started.  Interviews and shows are already booked into April 2015!  Yes, we said APRIL!  So, get ready because we have a plethora of shows to inspire you with.

Seven days a week – listen online or via iTunes.  And, of course, the shows are archived indefinitely 🙂



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