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Frank Chase Jr.

ATAI: Tell us a little about you.

Dr. Frank Chase Jr: Well, I am the author of False Roads to Manhood, What Women Need to Know; What Men Need to Understand, and my new book is titled, KLEPTOMANIAC: Who’s Really Robbing God Anyway? I am a native of Baltimore, Maryland and lived there until I was 19 year-old. I consider myself a miracle because at birth I weighed only two pounds and lived when the doctor’s didn’t think I’d make it. To publish my first book after getting many rejections, I started my publishing company, FC Publishing, LLC, which I am the president. In career I’ve worked for the government as a senior aviation writer for the Department of the Army. I am a four-year veteran of the United States Army. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and a minor in Sociology from Washington State University in 1989. Later on down the roads because I like education, I pursued a BA in Biblical Studies and a Master of Arts in Theology from North Carolina College of Theology (NCCT) and went on to earn my Doctorate in Theology from NCCT in 2009. I have authored and published numerous religious articles for newspapers, online magazines and print media along with appearances on Local Huntsville Alabama television and radio programs for my first book. As an Alabama resident, I live with my wife Teresa and one child Sarah at home. I am a grandfather of six grandchildren.

ATAI: How long have you been writing?

Dr. Frank Chase Jr: I started writing back in when I was middle school around the seventh or eighth grade, so that’s been more than 40 years ago.

ATAI: What was your most recent release?

Dr. Frank Chase Jr: My most recent release was Kleptomaniac: Who’s Really Robbing God Anyway?

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ATAI: What do you love most about writing?

Dr. Frank Chase Jr: The thing I love most about writing is that you get to educate and challenge readers. It’s always enjoyable to write something that people never hear about or the feeling you get when a person discovers something new they thought they hand a handle on.

ATAI: What do you find most challenging?

Dr. Frank Chase Jr: The challenge for me is when to put the pen down and write the end. I have a tendency to want to include all the details I can in a book so readers will not have to do much research. I also find it challenging to cut words out of a manuscript because I feel it’s like cutting out a piece of myself and the effort I put into writing process.

ATAI: Where do your ideas come from?

Dr. Frank Chase Jr: My ideas come mostly from questions. As theological and religious writer, it is my nature to question. Most of the when I write something it is because a question was asked and a reasonable was not obtained. That starts a process of more questions and more inquiry to get to the bottom line of the truth about a particular subject.

ATAI: What is your writing process?

Dr. Frank Chase Jr: My writing process always begins with a question. From there, the research journey begins to gather all the facts and fables and scholarship that address a subject. Most of my writing is done in my man cave right at home.

ATAI: Do your characters (or message) ever seem to have a life of their own or an agenda of their own?

Dr. Frank Chase Jr: As a non-fiction religious writer, I think the message of my books are often driven by questions, what the current religious practices are and how they have changed over the centuries. In my case in trying pontificate a message in a book, I often discover other competing agendas that have existed throughout history and it fight for survival in spreading a particular message.

ATAI: What’s your favorite part of your book (or one of your books)?

Dr. Frank Chase Jr: My favorite book is my second book, Kleptomaniac: Who’s Really Robbing God Anyway? This message of this book is considered by some to be a taboo subject in religious cycles. But that’s why it was so enjoyable to write. It required me to do extensive research and writing the book also taught me more about the Bible than I had ever learned in many different Bibles Studies down through the years. Besides, I love writing about biblical subjects that make people raise their eyebrows.

ATAI: What are you working on next?

Dr. Frank Chase Jr: Besides working on promoting my latest book, I’m working on a new book that deals with encouragement. The book is compilation of short essays that address the human condition based on stories from the Bible which shed light on how people interact with God knowingly and unknowingly.

ATAI: Where can people find you online?

Dr. Frank Chase Jr: If people want to know about me, they can certainly google my name. I’m also on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/kleptomaniac10percent/) , and Twitter at @drfrankchasejr

More information about this book can be found at the publisher’s website at www.fcpublishing.com.

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ATAI: Thank you for sharing with us and our audience.

Dr. Frank Chase Jr: Thank you so much for interviewing me. It was a pleasure sharing my thoughts with your audience and your readers.

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