Attract Money Using Mind Power

We shared our special guest, James Goi Jr., with you today.  We had a blast talking with him about how you can attract money using mind power.  However, near the end of our conversation, Janelle became very emotional.  If you want to know why, you will have to listen in and find out.


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Did you know there are laws of money?

They include:

Money goes where it flows.

Money goes where it is appreciated.

Money goes where it is respected.

Money goes where it is given out from.


We talked about the importance of knowing what your relationship with money is.  It is a vital key to having a happy and healthy experience in your financial life.  If you mistreat your lover, he/she will most likely go away…so why mistreat your money?  If you do, it will likely go away or not flow in, too!

Become a conscious creator in your life and use your mind power to create the financial life you want to have!  Now mind you, mind power is an art as well as a science.  There is no genie in a lamp.  It takes effort and awareness..and trust!

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James Goi Jr. is the author of How to Attract Money Using Mind Power, and he is on a mission to help people everywhere to lead more prosperous and rewarding lives. James believes that, in a modern society, financial abundance can either directly or indirectly lead to abundance in all other areas of life. James shares his valuable knowledge through his various writings, youtube videos, frequent radio interviews and so on. James publishes the free monthly Mind Power & Money Ezine.  Learn more at

Honoring your bank account,

Drs. Janelle + Rob Alex, Ph.D.

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