Arrows in The Dark – True Story of Espionage in Church of Scientology



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Book Description:

A tale of power, corruption & secrecy… with a billion dollar empire hanging in the balance. An insider’s view of the fall of Scientology’s notorious Guardian’s Office and its takeover by the 21-year old, and now embattled, David Miscavige.


Merrell had been a 39-year member of the Church of Scientology when, in January

2012, he was excommunicated by order of embattled church leader David Miscavige,

which required his daughter, a member of Scientology’s elite Sea Organization, to cut

ties with him.


Educated in both Electrical Engineering and Law, Merrell is a screenwriter, filmmaker

and author. He lives with his wife of 46 years in Los Angeles. For more information

visit: or

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