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5 Stars

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Babette De Jongh

Angel Falls by Babette De Jongh is a contemporary romance based in southern Alabama.  The main character, Casey Alexander, suffered a devastating ankle injury, which prevented her from becoming a prima ballerina in NYC, as she had dreamed. Yet, she didn’t completely give up her dream.  She moved back to her hometown of Angel Falls and opened a dance studio above the newspaper.  Dance may have been one love in her life, but she also deeply wanted a romantic partner.

Living in such a small town made finding someone to love a bit challenging.  That held true until sexy, Ian Buchanan came on the scene and bought the town’s flailing paper.  On top of that, Casey’s ex-boyfriend, Ben, ended up being available again.  A lot of people were pushing Ben and Casey to pick up where they left off before he married  Casey’s best friend and had children.  Casey had to make a decision between the two men.  She’d gotten a second chance in her dance career.  Would she embrace a second chance at love with her old flame or leap into the arms of a new and less certain love?    

Beyond the fascinating story of a unique love triangle, de Jongh brings Lizzie, an Australian Shepherd into the story.  I was glad to see Lizze brought into the story as she drew my eyes to her on the cover of the book.  

With well-defined characters, a progressive, unique story line, I found Babette De Jongh’s Angel Falls Book One hard to put down.  The author did an excellent job of holding my interest throughout the entire book.  There was never a dull moment as Casey fought a romantic battle that is one-of-a-kind. 

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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