Always Finding Time – Entered in 2017 Book Award Contest

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Kenesha Blair

Always Finding Time: A Story from a Child’s Point of View was written by Kenesha Blair. The story comes, as the title expresses, from the perspective of a child in regards to their relationship with their mothers and fathers. The core of this little book focuses on how much time a parent is able to spend with their child and how the parents in the book work hard to spend beautiful quality time with their children. It is filled with numerous pictures of young children and babies experiencing day-to-day life activities from reading time with Mommy to bath time to fussing in the stroller or car seat to laughing and smiling with their parents.

With such an adorable premise, it is highly unfortunate that Blair’s Always Finding Time has so many grammatical, punctuational and spelling errors within the bits of text in the book. Other times the sentences are awkward and don’t flow well. The sweet dedication to the author’s daughter, in the front of the book, even has very evident errors. The story is appropriately short as it’s meant for children, but the end of the book seems to appear somewhat abruptly.

Kenesha Blair has come up with a super sweet concept by including full-color images of young children and parental figures. The pages that include text all have a beautiful childlike drawing of a garden of flowers beneath the words. Kenesha Blair’s Always Finding Time: A Story from a Child’s Point of View is sweet and endearing. It just needs a thorough editing and some of the wording needs to be revised, so that this delightful story could receive the praise Blair’s idea deserves.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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