A More Deadly Union

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A More Deadly Union

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Book Description:

How far would you go for someone you love?

Someone is threatening Peri Minneopa’s client. The most likely suspect is a man whose past relationship with her client could ruin his chances at being elected mayor. 

This would be easier if her boyfriend, Detective Skip Carlton, wasn’t in a coma after being shot. Peri’s been dating him for 10 years, but without a marriage license, she can’t even visit him in the hospital.

She knows better than to interfere with the police’s efforts to find Skip’s shooter, but her case keeps showing up in the middle of their investigation.

Now she’s questioning her skill and her need for independence. What is she willing to do to solve her case and see Skip wake up?


A More Deadly Union is the fourth installment of Gayle Carline’s Peri Minneopa mystery series. Peri is a private investigator, who takes on a case from her close friend, Jared, who believes he is being stalked. Years ago, Jared had a homosexual affair with a man named Rick, but now Rick is running for mayor and playing the wholesome family man, and wants Jared to disappear. The tension and aggression escalates dangerously, leaving Peri to navigate a mess of politically fueled scare tactics in order to protect her friend. Meanwhile, her detective boyfriend is in a medically induced coma after an altercation on the job, meaning she has to cope with a difficult case of her own at the same time, and hopefully come out on top. 

At first glance, A More Deadly Union seems a bit silly, from the unusual names of some of the characters to the general plot line. However, it is wonderfully written, and much deeper than it appears to be. The characters are fairly complex and many interesting perspectives are explored, including that of a character with mental disabilities. Gayle Carline writes with a good mix of humor, sadness, suspense, and great insight, making A More Deadly Union a delightful literary experience. Also, it is worth mentioning that although A More Deadly Union is the fourth book in a series, it holds well as a stand-alone piece; even without reading the rest of the books first, the characters are introduced and explained well and the storyline is easy to follow. All in all, this was a novel full of surprises, albeit very good ones. It is certainly worth the read, and perhaps the others in the Peri Minneopa series will be too.

Originally critiqued by the staff of AuthorsTalkAboutIt.com.

Gayle Carline


Gayle Carline is a typical Californian, meaning that she was born somewhere else. She moved to Orange County from Illinois in 1978, and landed in Placentia a few years later.

Her husband, Dale, bought her a laptop for Christmas in 1999 because she wanted to write. A year after that, he gave her horseback riding lessons. When she bought her first horse, she finally started writing. 

Gayle began writing journalistic pieces for California Riding Magazine, then quickly added “humor columnist” to her resume with a weekly column in her local newspaper, the Placentia News-Times. What she really wanted to do was write mysteries, however, so in 2009 she crossed that off her list with the first of her Peri Minneopa mysteries.

Never at a loss for words or stories, she will continue to write as long as the ideas keep popping into her head. In her spare time, Gayle likes to sit down with friends and laugh over a glass of wine. And maybe plan a little murder and mayhem for the next novel.

The website is Gayle Carline: Humor Columnist, Mystery Author.


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