Make Money With Your Photographs

Did you know that you can make money with your snapshots?  But, it is important to realize that camera’s don’t discriminate.  Kim Lambert explains what she means by that in her conversation with Rob.  And, remember that the antique cameras from years and years ago could take amazing photographs…so, it should be super easy today – right?

Let the Photographer’s Quick Guide Series help you turn your photography into a money maker, by leveraging the opportunities that suit YOU best. Whether you have a lot of photographic experience or a little, you will find the information in this book invaluable. There are more ways to make money from your photography than you have probably ever imagined ! Learn what makes a photo “money worthy”, and what not to do, as well as different types of photography that can make you money, and where you can sell your photos. Reader’s Favorite 5 Star review recipient!

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Kim Lambert is an author, photographer, business woman and entrepreneur, with a background ranging from Technical Management and Development in the computing field to cooking and sewing as part of a medieval recreation group, and making theatrical costumes.

She writes business books, photography books and is working on some fiction. She writes cookbooks for fun (as a bit of a change from business books!) and also helps others publish their books (regardless of topic!. She lives near Canberra, Australia, and travels as often as possible.

She also runs an online course, Author’s Launchpad.

Learn more about Kim on her Amazon author page.


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Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D.

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