Mystery Thriller Finalists

Onyx Webb – Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz

Hellbound – David McCaffrey

The Unholy – Paul DeBlassie III

Beehives – Mary Coley

Non-Fiction Finalists

Finding Pockets of Happiness – Donna Lee Gauntlett

Getting unSTUCK – Shira Gura

The Ultimate Guide To A Multi-Orgasmic Life – Antonia Hall, MA

Children/Young Adult Finalists

Cosmic Chaos – CM Shelton

Coriander – Keely Bibeau

Momster – Laura Kimball

General Fiction Finalists

The Chapel of Eternal Love – Stephen Murray

The Gilded Cage – Judy Alter

Freckled Venom: Skeletons – Juliette Douglas

Sci-Fi Paranormal Finalists

The Shiva Syndrome – Alan Joshua

Want – Magus Tor

Red Lakes – Joshua Harding

Romance Finalists

The Homeport Journals – A.C. Burch

The Keys to Love – Miki Bennett

No Pit So Deep – Jim Miller