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Rob and Janelle Alex are remarkable Social Media Experts! My twitter feed was literally non-existent until they helped me create magic. Janelle and Rob spent a considerable amount of time getting to know my brand & message. They created a winning campaign where my engagement increased 1000% percent. Simply put, Janelle and Rob are not only wonderfully talented people to work but with they delivers RESULTS! -Laura Corn, New Times Best Selling Author of 101 Nights of Great Sex
I’ve gone from one bad experience to another, but then I finally found the gems I was looking for to help me take care of and improve my social media: Janelle and Robert. Not only are they kind and patient, they always make time to take care of all their clients.  They take the necessary time to understand their client’s branding and the direction of their marketing.  They ask the right questions, and carefully listen to the answers.  Robert and Janelle, thank you very much. You truly BOTH are incredible! I really really mean my words because you always take the extra step to make everything work perfectly no matter what time of the day it is. You’re simply some of the greatest professionals I’ve ever met. So looking forward to working with you for many many years in the future!   -Patrice Bisiot, Celebrity Hairstylist, Author, Motivational Speaker
I loved working with Janelle & Rob! So much wonderful information is shared in a fun format that was inspiring and fun! I am honored to work with them now and in the future! - Susan Scotts, Co-Author of Adventures in Manifesting: Conscious Business & Creator of Conscious Manifestor App
Rob and Janelle do a fabulous job...so that a maximum amount of information is shared in a short period of time all while having tremendous fun. -Barb Appelbaum, Author of Live in Wellness Now
When Rob and Janelle offered me a chance to speak with them again I jumped at it. They create this warm, friendly atmosphere where then can tackle any subject with wit, fun, and care. I love listening to them & think they're one of the best produced shows on the market. - Nicole Delacroix, Author of Sexual Confessional
A great experience. Rob & Janelle enhanced my author experience. I was concerned about being reviewed. Would they actually read it? Would they like it? I know Rob & Janelle invested time in my book and gave a fair review. More importantly, they shared the content of my message with their loyal community. It is refreshing to work with people who put in the time to authentically help other authors. -Darryl Lyons, Author of Small Business Big Pressure